API Reference

This section of documentation contains information on all of the classes and functions in the taxii2client API, as given by the package’s docstrings.


taxii2client.common module

class taxii2client.common.TaxiiResponse(resp: requests.models.Response)

Bases: collections.abc.Mapping

The _HTTPConnection.get call return value is sometimes a dict, and sometimes a requests.Response. Rather than having it guess at what the caller wants to see (and sometimes getting it wrong) wrap the result in a class that can act like either.

class taxii2client.common.TokenAuth(key)

Bases: requests.auth.AuthBase

taxii2client.exceptions module

TAXII2 Error Classes.

exception taxii2client.exceptions.AccessError

Bases: taxii2client.exceptions.TAXIIServiceException

Attempt was made to read/write to a collection when the collection doesn’t allow that operation.

exception taxii2client.exceptions.InvalidArgumentsError

Bases: taxii2client.exceptions.TAXIIServiceException

Invalid arguments were passed to a method.

exception taxii2client.exceptions.InvalidJSONError

Bases: taxii2client.exceptions.TAXIIServiceException

A server endpoint gave us invalid JSON

exception taxii2client.exceptions.TAXIIServiceException

Bases: Exception

Base class for exceptions raised by this library.

exception taxii2client.exceptions.ValidationError

Bases: taxii2client.exceptions.TAXIIServiceException

Data validation failed for a property or group of properties

taxii2client.version module

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